About Our Upcoming Changes

My name is Jeanette and I own and operate 2 retail shops in downtown Casey, Illinois. I opened my knitting shop on the west side of Casey. In 2010, my husband provided the building for me "try" my hand at retail. It was a rough start into a specialized business. We started with minimal inventory and limited hours. However with much work and determination, we grew!!! In 2013 we made a move into a downtown location and later expand into 2 buildings. I have to give my husband all the credit for allowing me to pursue this crazy venture and my daughters for helping out at the shop.

It is no secret that specialty businesses in small communities struggle. Our yarn shop was no exception. As a result I opened "The Farmer's Wife" gift shop in 2017. My original intent was to find a balance between the 2 shops. However, addition of The Farmer's Wife has far exceed my expectations, prompting the need to change my retail focus.

After much thought, prayer, and input from my family... we have decided to move a select amount of knitting supplies to strictly online sales with an option for in-store pickup. 

The physical space and inventory available in the shop will be limited to my own hand dyed yarn "Clark Co. Yarn" and a fully stocked selection of Quince and Co. yarn. I fully support this companies design elements and feel it is a good fit for the new structure of the shop. We are a partner with Quince and hope to be able to move to Flagship status by 2020.


Quince and Co. is known for their pure fibers sourced and spun in the US. Their color selections are exquisite. Quince fiber selections include, Linen, cotton, silk, alpaca, and 100% wool. This company does restrict online sales of their product within the United States (so you will not find it in our online shop). However you may always call the shop and purchase "locally" over the phone.


Please be patient with us a we make the transitions. The Farmer's Wife

hopes to be expanded by April and our new in-store Quince and Co. display will be in place shortly after. 

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have

email me...


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